USS Block Island Association

Photo Credits


Over the years the USS Block Association has acquired many photos. Some have been submitted by members, others were obtained from government sources. The tracking of the sources has been incomplete and we thank those people who generously donated pictures and other materials to help us maintain the history of the two Block Islands, supporting ships, and squadrons. Where possible we will try to record these sources in the future.

On photo captions you may see a number is square brackets; that number represents the source of the photo and is listed below:

[000]    unknown

[001]    US Navy Historical Center

[002]    US Navy Historical Center, CDR Roy Swift Collection

[101]    Courtesy of Jack Greer

[102]    Courtesy of Jack Sprague

[103]    Courtesy of Bill MacInnes

[104]    Courtesy of Brian Bernhardt

[105]    Eugene Andresen Collection

[501]    USMC 43750 courtesy PFC Powers

[502]    Formosa Collection courtesy SGT Francis J. Ledger

[503]    Naval Aviation News, October, 1953 p23

[504]    Frank Boushee Photo Collection

[505]    Courtesy of Pat Perrella

[506]    Eugene Andresen Photo Collection